The Nursery

Well, the nursery is finally almost completely done. The only things left are decorative- hanging the baby quilt on the wall, hanging her name, buying and hanging curtains, buying a frame for a poster and hanging that, changing the lampshade, and hanging a frame a friend made. But it’s done and it will function as a perfectly good nursery when the time comes. Her clothes, blankets, and towels are washed, folded, and put away. Diapers have been purchased and put in the changing table. There are baby wipes, diaper rash creme, and I honestly don’t even know what else. You have no idea what peace of mind this brings. Well, maybe you do. I have her outfit picked to bring her home in. I just haven’t packed the suitcase. I think tonight I’ll do that because I’m really so happy now that the nursery is mostly done. And here it is:


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