I was so nicely sedated and then I got a call at ten this evening from my boss that set my brain reeling about a big meeting tomorrow morning. Basically, while he’s in NY my sister in law is meeting with potentially huge clients on his behalf. I guess I was under the impression that the two of them had ironed out a lot more details than I thought. I got myself sedated again with a bath and book (Howard Huges: The Untold Story) and when I climbed out a wave of new thoughts hit me. When I called him, at 12:30, to see if he had indeed worked these things out with her, I found it wasn’t the case and apparently I was supposed to “take care of it.” Everyone was so busy assuring themselves that all would be smooth, all the minor practicalities seem to have been swept aside.

I’m working on the whole “You’ve done everything you can at this hour to be assured that it goes smoothly tomorrow. The only thing to do now is sleep and be up early in the morning to be sure everything is actually in place,” mentality. I am not having a very easy time getting there.

I haven’t made one stitch of progress in my knitting project. NOT ONE. It’s sitting next to my desk taunting me. I want this week to be over with very badly. Between the event this evening and this big meeting tomorrow, I just can’t relax as much as I want to. I turned 37 weeks today. It’s odd but even though I use a ticker in a message board I post regularly on, and even though I’m always talking about how little time is left, the things that really truly jolt me are the weekly emails I get from Babycenter. Today’s brief email telling me I was now considered full-term and had 21 days left chilled me. It warned me to be on the look out for signs of labor and a return of braxton hicks contractions. It strongly advised finishing up that nursery and finishing any projects that could not go untouched once the baby arrived. Oh and to please be sure to take some time to myself. Ha. Ha.

I did get the pieces for a tiny puzzle swap I’m going to do. It’s another one of those private swaps. Interesting because the puzzle is small- I am guessing 4″ x 4″ and yet it consists of nine pieces. So each piece is somewhere between 1.25″ and 1.5″. Each person picked a different theme and we weren’t told who’s theme is what. Some are easy to guess but others aren’t. The nine themes are chili peppers, beach, Disney, butterflies, Americana, travel, purple & sage, pink, and fashion. I wonder- can you guess which theme is mine? The size of the pieces has me slightly worried but so did that 6″ x 6″ card I made yesterday and it turned out just fine. As part of the swap, we are also getting some goodie bags from the other hostess to help jump start us. I might or might not use them depending on what’s in there. Not to mention I am already getting some ideas for some of the themes taking into consideration what I own. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out won’t we? Should be fun and oh look it’s helping distract me from OTHER issues.


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