Little Miss Muffet

You know how they say pregnancy is contagious? Well it turns out I’m a firm believer that it is! I know three girls online who are all due right around the same time I am. I also have a friend who just had her baby about a month ago at most. Funny enough the internet girls are all expecting girls and my friend had a boy. Anyways, I made this little card for one of them because she’s been so sweet with me lately. I don’t want to go into who it is because I cannot for the life of me remember if I gave her my blog address or not. If she does have it, I doubt she checks it often or at all because I’ve never seen a comment from her. So I’ll just take a gamble and post it although I made sure to delete her family name from the scan.

Long story short, I bought a Making Memories kit to make this- Vintage Hip Gracen. It’s the first time I’ve actually constructed anything at all from a kit and even though it’s only 6″ x 6″ I liked that I had plenty of paper choices that complemented each other nicely (and now I have PLENTY of leftovers). Also, some embellishments were included which helped big time. I really love the frame. It was hard at first working in 6″ x 6″ but I ended up really liking it. Less means more. The image is thanks to a good google images search and some work on Photoshop. It turns out it was originally a vintage children’s book cover. So cute and wow did it work with the paper PERFECTLY. The adorable spiders are Jolee’s. Funny enough, I had to buy a paper trimmer to do this. I’ve had this idea in my head for weeks now and couldn’t work on it because of the missing trimmers (yes BOTH). I gave in and used a 40% off coupon and bought another simple Fiskars. I really like it. I so needed to get that out of me. It’s another project off my to-do list.

Speaking of which, Jay began painting the nursery today- AND RAN OUT OF PAINT. He’s 80% done so it’s extra frustrating. And now that I see it painted, I realize it could really use some curtains so the hunt for some curtains in the right color is on but not at full-steam. I never in a million years thought I’d say this but, despite the fact my body is wrecked, I really don’t mind if this baby is late. There is just way too much stuff out there that needs to get done.


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