Is it going to be repetitive if I start off by saying Holy Hell I’m Exhausted?

Ok then I won’t 🙂 Today was errand day. Started off on a sad note because my best friend called to say she couldn’t make it out with me thanks to her coming down with STREP THROAT. Yuck! No matter though. Mario went to my inlaws’ and off I ran to the doctor- in pouring rain. Last night this storm just erupted so violently it actually scared me. It was bad enough I had awful insomnia last night (I lay in bed for over two hours) but when I finally dozed off roaring thunder and blazing lightning actually woke me up and kept me up for a bit. Well the rain kept on through today and actually a fresh storm has started less than 20 minutes ago. I guess it’s a good thing considering I’ve been complaining about how dry everything has been.

But yes, I went about and started tying up loose ends I just know won’t happen otherwise. Mostly I had stuff to purchase- fun things like nursing pads and super protection maxi pads and diapers and diaper rash cream. Yay? Ok not really fun but necessary. I did manage to pick up some other things like baby gowns and flannel receiving blankets and little tiny socks and hats and sheets for the basinette in the right size. I got myself pajamas for the hospital and some stuff for the suitcase (yikes I need to pack a suitcase!). I also picked up the basinette at my grandmother’s house along with the bouncy chair. Funny thing about the basinette- it’s the one that my mother got when I was born. And to make the story even more interesting I found out it was purchased with those S&H stamps the grocery stores gave out. Old school! About nine children have used it over the years and Miss Sadie will be the tenth. Oddly enough its mattress isn’t the standard size I guess and only Gerber makes sheets that fit it. So I have to return the ones I’d put on the registry. I also have to return some things I bought at Toys R Us today with my gift card. I got tons better deals when I went to Target and I hate throwing money away.

I also did some very little thrifting for the sweetpea swap. Mostly, I got books as that is one thing my match likes a lot. I also got a really cute bowl. Something about the colors and pattern made me smile. I hope she likes it! It’s kinda stressful shopping for someone you don’t know very well. I just couldn’t hit up as many stores as I wanted to. I know that with all the walking and driving I did today I just won’t be able to get out of my bed tomorrow much less the house but I do plan on hitting some more thrift stores later this week.

As I mentioned, I had the doctor’s appointment today. Everything is great. Head is down and everything is um, well, shut tight shall we say? Which is good. I need a couple more weeks princess!! I can’t believe how little time is left. And the doctor says the massage is a go-ahead so I’m going to see if I can schedule it for next Wednesday, which is when I have my next appointment.

Oh and by the way, thanks to the amazing new phone I was able to get so much done today. That thing is amazing. I was able to schedule meetings and get pricing and all kinds of things. Very cool.


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