Feeling a bit off today. Lonely and exhausted and impatient. It’s like a huge crash after floating on clouds yesterday. I took a nap with Mario and we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and that cheered me up for a little bit but now I’ve settled back down into my offness again.

I hope you mommies out there had a very nice Mother’s Day. I did. I really did. At midnight Jay gave me my present- the T-Mobile MDA. So awesome. I can’t stop playing with it. When I woke up Sunday morning, Mario had another present for me- a gift certificate to the spa for a prenatal massage! I was floored. My husband outdid himself. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and am going to be sure that it’s ok to get one this far along because I heard that they can induce labor. If it’s ok, I’m booking it as soon as I possibly can. If not, they told him I could use it as credit towards another spa treatment there after having the baby. Either way, it’s gold.

We went to brunch with his family and it was really yummy but I was feeling a little… blue during it for SOME reason. So weird. They gave me a really cute garden sculpture of a little boy and girl- my babies. We came home and my friends stopped by and surprised me with a REALLY cute Lacoste polo. I love it. It has a little tennis ball detail around the crocodile. After they left, I napped while Jay watched the Heat game. And then it was off to my Aunt’s house for dinner. That was pretty nice too. I love going to their house. Mario is so happy running around with my little cousins and I get to really just relax. Plus, I always find really good conversation. I got a couple little gifts there too- a set of towels from my aunt, a (really cute) top from my grandmother, and some money from my other grandmother. My poor mom is just lost as to what to get me and I made the mistake of mentioning perfume so now I have to find a perfume that I like that she’ll get me LOL.

No painting has been done in the nursery yet. I’m going to pick up the bassinette tomorrow at my grandmother’s house. I am also going thrifting with my best friend. My mother-in-law is going to watch Mario for me and I’m very excited about that. A whole day with my best friend with no children. I don’t even KNOW when that will happen again.

Also, an internet friend is coming down to the Keys next week so she and I have to make arrangements to get together at SOME point because those are rare chances. And the clock keeps tick, tick, ticking.

Oh, in crafty news, I had ordered these letters from this place Woodlawn Manufacturing after seeing a friend get them for her baby’s room. I got them in the Curlz font and they came in on Friday I think. On Saturday I picked up paints for them and although initially the plan was to paint them with a polka dot design, I decided the solid colors were pretty and the dots would make things too busy. I’d like to show them to you on a wall but the walls are unpainted in there and so it’d be pointless. Instead, you can see them drying on newspaper. I picked the colors from the bedding. I STRONLY recommend that site. The letters are really inexpensive compared to what you’re going to pay at an art store and you can get them in any font pretty much! Plus the height and thickness is up to you. I’m going to buy letters for Mario too but we can’t decide how to paint his room yet.


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