Beanie Babies- Free to Good Home

A few months ago my husband and I discovered our son LOVES beanie babies. It was an accident really. In cleaning out boxes I found a bag of my beanie babies I’d collected ages ago. Mostly I collected according to my whim so there were plenty of cats and a couple of the mystical animals. Well Mario LOVED them. They are the toy he plays with every single day and at least one of them sleeps with him at night. So I’ve been buying up some lots on Ebay (wow remember when they were expensive boogers?) for future gifts like when his sister is born, birthday, potty training, and christmas for example. I have actually done REALLY well and the only duplicates I got were clearly used up beanies with no hang tags and so I didn’t mind giving them away in the donation box. But I did get two duplicates which are pristine with the hang tags on them and everything and I’d rather give them away to someone in the Blogosphere. I don’t really understand my logic here but whatever. Just a chance to reach out and touch someone? They ARE Christmas beanies but maybe some of you are packrats like me and so it’s ok to start buying up christmas presents now, right? I think they’ll make cute stocking stuffers and they’re what I’m planning on doing with mine.

If you’re interested, leave me a comment. If you’re not a livejournal member be sure to send me your email addy so I can contact you.


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