Whine and Cheese

Ok seriously I don’t remember feeling this beat up and whiny and cranky when I was pregnant with Mario. Holy cow! I’ve had these aches and pains that are just ugh. They really get in the way of things let me tell you.

Just some updates on unfinished projects. We started on the nursery. And by we I mean me really. And by started I mean made more of a mess but hey I swear there’s progress. For once, I went through the boxes that were in there. I am happy to report that I have a huge box of toys and clothes set for donation. I have a smaller box set for storage. I have a box that apparently contains items that belong to me but I got depressed seeing it because it’s full of clothes and I’m just sick of clothes right now– I’m thinking mostly because I can’t wear them. So even though there are a ton of messes in there and piles and such there’s definitely a method to the madness. And then I started in on the clothes. I went through all of the recent gifts and the few purchases we’ve made. I was in search of everything newborn and 0 – 3 months and I was really not expecting much so I was FLOORED when I was done rummaging and sorting and PILING. I forgot to take pictures but it was pink towers everywhere. I pulled out the blankets and the towels and the sheets as well. Mario and I spent almost an hour taking things off hangers, out of packaging, cutting tags, and piling things on top of each other. And then I went downstairs and washed it all. And then I folded all of the tiny little pieces. TINY pieces. The ones that really blew me away were the booties. EEK!! I just took everything upstairs too and put it all away in drawers. Oh wait, not everything. But 80% of it. And I went through the large basket of things I had pulled from Mario’s saved clothes. Not much 0 – 3 months in there! But there were tons of the side snap shirts with the long sleeves and foldover mittens. I love those. Love love love love love those. Oh you know what? I should buy some punches like a heart and flower and such things and make simple single freezer paper stencils for those white shirts. Because they’re so plain but so practical. And it’s just simple punching not cutting. That’d be fun. And cute too.

All of her blankets are neatly folded in the blanket basket which has a liner that I am planning on dyeing. We’ll see how it turns out as it has pastel green accents on it. A few things I need to get are: socks, a couple more sleeping gowns (those are so useful), and some receiving blankets/cloth diapers. I survived off receiving blankets last time. They are the best things ever and I only have about four this time? But I definitely have a great amount of regular blankets and a good amount of towels and a TON of onesies. She has six new pajamas and about four from Mario so I’m guessing with the sleeping gowns I’ll snatch up I’ll be just right.

Otherwise, I haven’t made much progress. I tried starting that layout today only to find that I could NOT find my paper trimmer. It’s in a box and the boxes are so shoved away right now. I’ll figure something out.

Ok I’m off for a shower and my bed.


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