The Unfinished Project

So Elia and I have decided to team together and make May the month of The Unfinished Project! There is just lots of things to do- especially just before a baby arrives- and I’d like to end this month feeling accomplished and starting June fresh.

So here are some nice goals for myself as far as this project is concerned.

1) Swaps- May Flowers and Vintage Love. Kind of a no-brainer because I mean really if you flake on a swap you’re just a big old loser right? But it’s a nice easy goal to reach so there we go. And the May Flowers requires a handmade item which I actually attempted a freezer stencil purse and botched it. It’s fine for me to carry my knitting project on but it’s not fine for me to gift to someone. So then I was going to do a ribbon embroidery journal but I just don’t think it’s “right” for my partner so I’m going to try the freezer paper stencil AGAIN, this time on a simple canvas tote bag. The one I bought is white but I’m considering dying it pink. I’ve never dyed anything before. Thoughts?

2)Have more than six squares of the baby blanket. I’m aiming for 8. I have 2 and a half done only thanks to some major setbacks (one came out way big and the other had a hole in it 3/4 of the way through and I’m still too new to this to fix it correctly– I tried).

3) Birthdays. I have FOUR birthdays this month and I’m late for one from April. Since it’s all girlfriends of mine who actually like handmade things I’d like each to have SOMETHING handmade even if it’s just a card.

4) The Nursery. This is a BIG one. The nursery for Sadie is a mess. There are boxes in there that don’t belong in there. We have to paint and that might happen this weekend but who knows? Ok fine it BETTER happen this weekend. I also have to start washing her clothes and decorate in there- it’s very plain. And I need to pick up the bassinette too. And I need to pick up those necessities towards the end of the month like diapers and nursing pads (oh yay).

5) My store. Nuff said 😛

So there you go, my unfinished projects. I do hope you’ll come along and play. It can be just about anything really.

P.S. My lower back has been KILLING me lately. Ouch!


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