I am exhausted. So ready for that bed of mine except I’ve got some serious heartburn issues that not even a zantac has quelled. Work is getting increasingly hectic as the two big events of the month draw nearer. I’ve decided to try my best to work at the very least the set-up on May 10. One, we need the money- when does one NOT really? Two, I don’t want to shelve myself already. Three, I think I can manage taking it easy and managing deliveries and such things from a chair. I’ll remember to wear flats and I know the people at the hotel it’s at so I should be fine. If possible I’m going to work the set-up for the next day too but that will rely on how I hold up the day before. If I can do both set-ups, that would be really sweet. I would LOVE to stay for the first event because Tom Ford will be there speaking. I don’t know, maybe I can hide myself somewhere but I sincerely doubt it. We shall see. I was just dying to do some knitting today but I really needed to be in front of the computer all freaking day.

Not only was work going on at a rapid pace, but I also really needed to make headway with that store I mentioned way back when. I had quite a few unexpected hold-ups (why it surprises me is beyond me) but I finally got my order for inventory in today. When the order came in, a few unexpected twists showed up like items out of stock or back-ordered as far as July and some items I’d been on the limb about turned out to be available. So I rearranged this, that, and the other and will have two shipments sent out to me. One goes out on May 16 and the other on May 30. I guess I can offer more insight on what’s going on and still keep some surprises.

I have always been into Asian culture. I completely and totally (and lovingly) blame my mother who adores the Asian aesthetic in furniture, decor, and art and so as a child I saw ginger jars and garden seats and the dark wood furniture and such things. As I grew older, I of course got into even MORE of the Asian culture– especially anime. Now, if you know anything at all about Asian culture you know that it’s pretty… addictive. And for me, I’ve really tried to keep it focused on Japanese culture because I think that I could easily become overwhelmed if I extend those borders much but there are other aspects of other Asian cultures that really intrigue me. I’ve always wanted to be involved in some way with my love for Japanese lifestyles. And this store is my first real attempt at doing so.

I think Japan has a real way of maintaining the child spirit alive– especially in females. And really if you delive too much into this aspect it can get eerie- at least to me. But really, I love the whimsy a lot of young Japanese women have. Hello Kitty is just scratching the surface but, to me, young Japanese women have a playfulness to them that American women seem to just be dying to shut down. I don’t like taking it too far. Too much “kawaii” (cute) does exist for me. But there is a whimsy to the kawaii culture that I find irresistable. So I’m going to offer it online. There are a few brand names that I’d like to carry and I’ve been sending out emails and such things for different wholesale opportunities. I’ve found two out of the three brands I’d really like to carry and am still searching for the third. I’ve also made a contact for not exactly a brand but an aspect of kawaii culture I feel is under-represented online.

I really have to say sorry for my vagueness. I absolutely hate putting things out there early because they just seem to collapse on me when I do. But if you like Japanese cuteness I think you’ll enjoy at the very least browsing what I have coming in a few weeks. And I really hope to connect with several people over this because it’s truly something I adore, and have adored for so very long. Even if in a business sense I fail, I’m hoping that at the very least I’ll meet some people who love something I do and, you all in blogland already know this, that is a very thrilling thing indeed.

So that’s where the hectiness and chaos have centered on today. Work and dreams. The simple fact that my husband is not only supporting me but loves how excited this project has me is a very big motivator. On Monday, I came incredibly close to abandoning it and it really ruined my day and a good half of yesterday. I’m sure the surging hormones didn’t do much to quell it either. But he persisted with me (even to the point of angering me over it) and as much as he frustrated me he also helped me understand something– dreams are so important even if they don’t come together as you would like them to. This project has had me thinking, rethinking, and rethinking more. And I know that it is only the beginning but I have absolutely loved it in the end. And the most painful part so far has been thinking about abandoning it before trying it.


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