May Day

Happy May Day everyone. It’s a new month and it’s one of my favorites. I love May. It’s all about moms and flowers and just seems like such a feminine month, doesn’t it? When I was younger, I was a practicing Catholic and May was the Virgin Mary’s month. I’ve always been fond of her but my reasons have changed as I’ve grown older. Still, in May there was always her coronation to do and it was always fun to parade with flowers in our hands and place them in vases around her and then one lucky girl was chosen to place the crown of flowers and things on her head. I got to do it a couple of times.

I’ve changed up the look of the journal again as it being May it means there’s a new color theme happening at Project Spectrum and although the site has been down since I’ve tried getting in all morning to double check, I’m pretty sure the color is green. I also recycled some of my links list. I figured it was time for a change and maybe, although I doubt it, I’ll introduce you to some new blogs worth reading. Some stayed the same, but most of them have been changed. Like a breath of fresh air, right? Change is nice some times.

Yesterday, I was at the awards ceremony for my school’s College of Arts and Sciences. I officially graduate today actually with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I’m not attending the graduation ceremony because it is so incredibly long and I really can’t sit through it at this stage in my pregnancy. My department was nice enough to award me for Outstanding Academic Achievement however. I felt so very odd during the ceremony. Most of the students were young, fresh-faced little things graduating suma cum laude and rushing off to med school or law school here there and everywhere. The older students present were older than I was and most had come back for second degrees and such things and were established in their fields and running off to do more great things in the world. I fell in between these age groups and was most definitely the only pregnant one there. And when my professor asked me what I had planned on doing afterwards- law school? A masters? I said, “Um no. I’m not sure I want to do any of that really.” During the awards ceremony the professors were all listing the wonderful accomplishments their students had made and would be making and my professor, whom I adore, gave a very nice little tribute to me and choosing to be a mom. I felt much better after that. Hard to explain I guess but it was just a nice thing all around. Just goes to show you not everyone who does well has to go on and become a lawyer or doctor, eh?

I have a lot of projects to finish this month. I have a swap to send out and a couple of birthday gifts. Actually, I have two swaps to send out this month both a week apart. And for birthdays, there are FOUR this month. There is also that little baby on the way. Since I am getting closer to the end, doctor appointments will be much more frequent. I actually have one on Friday which should include one last ultrasound. There are also two events this month. One I will definitely not work as it is taking place in New York. I haven’t decided on the other one but I’m pretty sure I won’t be working it either as I’ll be pretty useless and slow and cumbersome.

I am so sleepy.


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