Today has been a day of cravings. I’ve been slammed with craving after craving after craving so I figured, let’s make a post about my cravings! I can’t really remember much about the cravings from my first pregnancy except I do remember loving hot wings and donuts and spicy food.

This time, it’s all about the sweet. I need sugar. I fiend for sugar. There’s the chocolate thing. I adore dark chocolate and with this pregnancy I’ve been buying a bar of Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate in 70% Cocoa. I learned the hard way that the 80% was way too bitter. I’ve treated myself to Godiva dark chocolate bars. Godiva Extra Dark Truffles. Godiva Dark Truffle Hot Chocolate mix. And so on and so forth. If it’s good chocolate I need it.

Also, baked goods. Because I am incredibly impatient I’ve been a huge fan of Betty Crocker, Toll House, and Pillsbury. I’ve made cakes of all kinds and cookies and today I made mini muffins. Oh yes, cinnamon streudel mini muffins which I’d love to take a picture of but my camera is still missing (where IS that thing?). There is another box of muffin mix in my pantry (lemon poppy- with glaze!) and some pancake mix and I bought flour because I realized I had all of the ingredients to make brownies from scratch except the flour. How we ran out of flour is beyond me. Isn’t flour one of those things you just always have?

A little soda makes me very happy. I only allow myself a max of one caffeinated beverage a day and that’s now that I’m further along and just because I allow it doesn’t mean I do it every day. I love decaf coffee. I really want some real coffee but I try and curb that caffeine as much as humanly possible. Speaking of beverages, chocolate milk also makes me happy. As does water with lemon in it. I loved that with Mario too.

Fruit makes me happy too. I like fruit a lot. Salad not so much. Fruit rocks. I like ice cream cones and popsicles.

And yes, I went through a pickle phase- but never with ice cream or anything sweet really. That’s yuck. Also, hot dogs are great. Yes they are. Corn dogs are better.

Oh and Mexican food is the best thing ever. No really. It is. I’m sorry fellow Cubans but that Mexican food is just making me all kinds of happy. With the rice and the beans and the sour cream and cheese and tortillas and GUACAMOLE. Oh heaven.

And with all that chat about food, I now leave you.


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