There is a green pterandon model skeleton drying behind me. I’d love to show him to you but my camera has mysteriously disappeared. He was today’s craft project for me and Mario. I got him and a couple other of those wooden kits at Big Lots for $1.50 a piece. I am most definitely going right back to pick up other ones I may not have grabbed and to send to some little boys I know would enjoy them as well. Our little pterandon is a bright happy green that we painted AFTER he was constructed (extra messy) but I think it’d be fun to do one of them in different primary colors BEFORE we construct it. Just use red, yellow, and blue and paint each piece a different color. I think it’d look interesting. We’ll see!

I finished what should be my third square of the baby blanket. And I was so happy I climbed through the garage for the bag of knitting supplies to find the first square I had made so I could put the three together and admire them. Well. Turns out square numero uno is QUITE bigger than squares dos y tres. So square numero uno is useless. If it was wool, I think I might be able to shrink it with blocking because it’s not THAT much huger, it’s just huge enough. But this is that acrylic stuff and so I’m back down to two squares. At least it seems my knitting has evened out because squares two and three are pretty much dead on. So I picked up the pink yarn and have begun that square. I have been working at it through the day.

I just realized that I haven’t written a thank you card today and that really breaks up my pattern to write (and send) some every day. I’ll force myself to write even just a couple when I finish up here. And then to reward myself I’ll lug myself upstairs to the bath with the new issue of Domino that came in. Maybe I’ll take some Patchi chocolates with me too.


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