Today was just that kind of day. I didn’t feel great today with all kinds of things annoying me from my stomach to my muscles to everything. And so of course I got glum and moody and sensitive. All the little things set me off. Definitely the kind of day where I didn’t mind if I just sat staring at the monitor all freaking day doing not a thing.

I did a couple things to try and get over it. I made tissue flowers with Mario. I wrote five more thank you cards (only eleven to go). I took Mario outside to play with some sidewalk chalk and so I could water the plants (ok and I wanted to play with the chalk too duh). I opened the three little eggs I got from the Easter egg swap (cute stuff, remind me to take pictures). We ate popsicles. We played with a floor puzzle. I swear I actually tried but to no avail. Have you seen/read Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? I feel like Marvin today. *sigh*

I did some more knitting on the third square. And then stopped because I was uncomfortable. Did more. Stopped because I was uncomfortable. And here I am. I plan on going upstairs with it when I wrap this up. Why it’s taking me so long to craft simple garter stitch squares is beyond me. Oh well except for the part that I get uncomfortable a lot. I’m using Caron’s Simply Soft for this project and have been working on the off white squares. I think I should try switching to the pink color that only needs two squares so I feel accomplished. Then I could do the other pink squares that only need four. And then finish off with three more off white squares. I just need to feel like I’m getting somewhere and I’m not feeling that at all. Will it be done by the time the baby arrives? Highly doubt it. But I’m trying to get most of it done. This will also be my first project where I piece something together. Should be interesting to see how that goes.

I am in need of some hardcore retail therapy. I want a shiny box of new crayons even though I just know that the husband will want to kill me. I want a cute pencil box or whatever to keep them in. I want coloring books with sheets that tear out. I want to pick up tote bags for some gifts I need to make. I want to buy baby clothes (which reminds me I fully intended on taking stock of what I’ve received so far to go ahead and figure out what to purchase). I want to order the wooden letters for the baby’s room. I want to order about five million craft books. I want to buy the toy organizer Target has on sale this week. I want to do groceries.

Oh and in shopping news, I sent an email to join in on Round Two of the Sweetpea Swap. I’m very excited. I can’t wait to see who I get and hope I can make them happy. It’ll be fun to get out there and do some thrifting with a solid purpose. I’m just not your typical dedicated thrifter. Ok there’s half an hour left in Sopranos almost so that gives me half an hour of knitting next to the husband. Maybe I can even squeeze a foot massage out of him? Or calf massage. My poor calves.

I’m off!


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