Anyone get the number on that truck?

Yowsa. I feel WHOMPED.

I’ve pretty much been husbandless and hectic since Friday. Jay had to leave early early Friday morning to go to NY for a family emergency. Saturday was the baby shower. Today was a birthday party.

My body is SO done with me right now and tomorrow the cleaning lady (!) comes at 8. I’m going to remember what it’s like to be hungover that’s for sure.

Yes I said cleaning lady. We’re hiring one to come in every other Monday. I’ve never been good at cleaning and now with the baby around the corner, it’s going to be a huge help to us.

The baby shower was AMAZING. This is where it really helps to 1) work in the field I do 2) have an amazing boss like I do and 3) have an amazing mom.

Everything was stunning and I felt like a celebrity. But considering that I had been up since nine in the morning, didn’t get home until midnight, didn’t get into bed until one in the morning, and had a busy day today as well? Yeah well my body is on fire. Everything hurts and I want nothing more than Tylenol and husband. I hoping to have that fulfilled within the hour. Here are some pictures from the shower.


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