Mail Day

Hooray for doorbells even if it means you have to get your 33 week pregnant body out of bed and down the stairs– twice. It just means that you’ve got fabulous packages waiting for you!!

First of all, I hosted a really small Easter egg swap with some friends where we filled up eggs with little scrapping goodies and such things. They sent them to me and I swap them out and send them right back. I think the last package came in today.

Along with that, there was my purchase from Dub and Sam which was completely and totally and gratefully enabled by Amy at Life in the Lyon’s Den. I really don’t mind being enabled at ALL when I get beautiful things like these. Do you see those beautiful books at the bottom? The brown ones with the pink flower? They’re barg books and I bought one for each of the baby’s grandmothers. Most probably I will just hold on to them and add pictures myself and then give them.

But the mailman wasn’t the only one bringing me fabulousness. UPS showed up as well with my order of Close To My Heart product I made from Jen. They make fantastic stamps- clear unmounted ones you mount on clear acrylic blocks. This way you can SEE what you’re stamping, where, and how well. Big plus for me and although this time I didn’t stock up on stamps but indulged in one of their leather albums for my wedding portraits, I DID get a free set of stamps so all is well with the world. And they’re really pretty alphabet stamps too.

Oh and one more photo for fun. I placed an order at Rocky Mountain Hobbies the other day for some goodies for yet another swap (I am TRYING to get myself into scrapbooking again if only because I should make the baby girl some sort of album don’t you think?). Anyways I came across this nifty tool, a tag maker from Making Memories. It was $25 which I didn’t think was too bad. The refills for the tag frames are $4 a pack but Michaels tends to carry Making Memories so I might find them there. If not, I have other ways 😉 I obviously haven’t played with it yet but that’s because 90% of my supplies are in boxes in the garage.


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