Get out of my house chaos

Ugh I hate when it feels like Chaos has moved in and made herself quite comfortable in your house and nothing you do makes it go away.

We’ve been living in our new home for a month and a half and my mother has suggested many times that my grandparents are dying to come over and check out the new place which makes sense and really shouldn’t be a problem because they DID give us some cash to help buy the place. So I decided that I’d have a little thing for the family here on Saturday since we have Easter things Sunday. Well, of COURSE that means we have to run around and get this place into decent shape. As for what I’m doing? Well I took a page from Domino, no really, and am just going to have a beautiful cheese platter and complementary “tapas” and wine. Something to just munch on and easy to prep and clean.

So tomorrow the crew we had to end up hiring is coming to do our staircase and landing. It’s about damn time. UGH we’ve been so frustrated with that project and yes we have to pay to get it done now which we weren’t counting on but really at this point WHO CARES?

I need to get the dining room in shape which meant that first of all Mario’s train table needed to go upstairs into his room. This meant that his room needed big time rearranging and even decluttering. I somehow bribed my little brothers into coming over today and the youngest one was with me for 45 minutes or so shoving furniture around the room, complaining about pregnant women, and (I think) trying to kill me with his death ray laser eye beams. But at least his room looks really great now as far as placement goes. It still needs to be painted and such but it’ll wait. At least I can put this up tomorrow. I freaked when I saw it at Target for only $20 since I last saw it on for $40. I was, however, sad, when the matching rocket had only one left and it’s frame was broken. Must go to another Target!!

Also, the only bathtub in the house is in my son’s bathroom and has had a very slow drain since we moved in. We bought this super happy terrific will burn the skin off your hands liquid thing and tried it like 3 times and nothing. So it looks like we have to snake the damn thing and then at some point call in a plumber if that doesn’t work. This has me very bummed because it’s impossible to really clean a bathtub with a slow drain and if you’ve had one, you know what I mean. So his bathtub is pretty yucky and makes me mad. We’ll see what the heck happens tomorrow with that. I might just give it a once over with some magic reach.

Ok and then there’s the armoire. My in-laws gave us a very nice cherry wood armoire for our bedroom. My husband and his father were unable to get it upstairs because it was so heavy. So I bribed those brothers of mine over today and they attacked it. And it won. It’s in our garage now and will be going back to the inlaws. This also makes me sad as our bedroom is so UGLY right now. Do you know what our nightstands are? Cardboard boxes. Our tv and stuff is sitting on a wicker stand that can’t handle much more of a load. The good news is that Target has a line of furniture I want and it’s on sale this week at the stores. I just don’t think we’ll have it all set up for Saturday. Actually, I’m like 90% sure. Maybe 95%.

I have to focus on what I *can* get done and what *needs* to get done and not worry so much about the other crap. And then there’s stuff I want to do because it’s FUN stuff.

Finish grocery shopping
Finish the dining room because that’s where the food is going
Quick clean up
Fix up the yard a bit

Knit more of that baby blanket
Try that freezer paper stencil that’s all over the blogosphere right now
Dye Easter Eggs for a simple centerpiece
Break out supplies and make more ATC’s for trade

And now for a quick show of the good things in my life today 🙂

These egg-shaped bowls are just delightful with that little detail up front. I got these at Target for $8 a pop and there’s a surprise when you look inside…

I LOVE the silhouette style lately. I’ve been feeling it for the past year or so and if it’s a silhoutte chances are I want it. OOOOOOOH ATC idea. Must make a note of that.

Speaking of ATC’s, I’m doing a quick little Easter Egg swap with some scrapbooking friends and one of them sent me this as a hostess gift. It’s so totally rad and I knew a few of you would dig it. The cards are gorgeous and I don’t want to cover them up!!

My bulletin board is celebrating Spring and Easter. I made the pom pom flowers during a crafty afternoon with Mario and the postcard came with these FANTASTIC “chocolate” bunnies that Jen at Red Instead enabled me to buy.


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