A blue bird and Orange and Yellow Continue

I crafted another wooly bully pom pom mess and made a bluebird. I’d had this idea in my head and wondered if I could mix in two different yarn colors and get the colors for the bluebird. Well, I think it worked.

I’m keeping him. He makes me happy.

And tonight I went around the first floor and took some pictures of yellow and orange occurences in the spirit of Project Spectrum.

And then it turns out that I was apparently dressed in the spirit of Project Spectrum too…

Also when I went upstairs to tuck in Mario he was wearing orange pajamas and my husband had on an orange polo shirt. I kicked myself for not having the camera.

I finished making the ten pom pom animals I’m sending out in the mail this week. And all of the envelopes are stuffed save one because I can’t find the address. I think I’m going to do some more knitting on Square Two.


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