ANOTHER entry. Insanity!! What can I say? Crafty spirits just fly in and out and you gotta catch em while the catching’s hot.

Today I realized that Easter is REALLY CLOSE. As in two weekends away! And normally, I don’t really make a big deal about Easter but for whatever reason the bug has bitten me and bitten me hard. I think it’s all the spring stuff going on and all the fun stuff I see on blogs out there. I never noticed it before but spring really has a way of infecting people and it’s a FUN thing to celebrate. So I’ve had it in my head that I want to bombard some mailboxes with a little pom pom friend and I made a batch a few weeks ago and stopped. Today I realized I need to at least make twice as many as what I have now in order to have enough critters to shove in the mail to reach mailboxes in time for Easter. So while I was knitting square number two, I got a little bored and thought I should REALLY do some of those pom pom guys. Easter is around the corner!! So I made some little guys like a black bunny and a bumblebee. And then as I was piecing together a caterpillar, I got kind of bored again and remembered Bella Dia’s Pom Pom Tutorial. And also, there was Snowbear’s mention of pom pom chicks using handmade pom poms and I said, I should really try to make one of those fluffy things. I’m not one to have much faith in my crafting abilities at first and so I was highly skeptical of what my pom poms would look like compared to that ball of perfection Bella concocted. Not only that but the only yarn I had in close proximity was some of the Lion Brand Chenille stuff left over from that first horrible scarf I knit. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot and came out with a wool bully mess… but I loved the wooly bully mess and I thought what a funny scraggy bunny it would make and so I made more pom poms in different sizes and pieced together a bunny I just adore. His ears don’t really match but it just works for me. He’s my little off beat furry fun bunny. I should call him Funny the Bunny. That’s if I named my pom pom creatures which I don’t. Ahem. Anyways, here they are the latest critters. Oh and I got so swept away by the pom pom making and Funny the Bunny that I completely forgot to finish the little caterpillar. Just found his eyeless body under my keyboard. Oops.


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