It’s a new month. Yellow and Orange for Project Spectrum. How fun- I just wonder if I’ll be able to contribute something this time around.

Saturday night I finished the first square of the baby blanket. It’s not perfect but I can’t expect it to be. I didn’t start until today on the second square because things have been a little hectic and sad and weird with the death of my grandaunt. Also, work has been busy and so my two hands that WOULD be knitting are busy typing and dialing and writing instead. I would really like to make some serious progress on this blanket. There’s a pillow I want to make a friend of mine and that I can make for Project Spectrum this month but I don’t want to pick it up until I’ve made a good dent in this blanket. I have a few more Pom Pom animals I’d like to make and then unleash them on the world to some friends. And I’m dying to try Bella Dia’s Pom Pom Tutorial.

Just for fun, here are a couple things that make me smile.

The First Square
It’s not perfect but it’s soft and the color is SO perfect. Now, we just need eleven more!!

The Bowl on My Desk
I picked it up at Target to hold some magnets for my new board but it was so pretty, I didn’t want the magnets cluttering it. So not it’s just sitting there making me smile.


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