Way past my bedtime

I’ve been shifting later and later into the evening. I slept A LOT today and although got a headache for it, my hips were so grateful. Usually I wake up with my hips or pelvis or thigh or lower back hurting mostly only on the right side, but today I woke up amazingly pain free and have been pretty good until the end of the day. Now, my back is on fire and i’m dreading the trek upstairs.

I turned 30 weeks today. Which means that if I’d like to have SOMETHING complete by the time this baby is born, I have at most 10 weeks to do the 12 squares this blanket takes. I can TELL this project would be fast for an experienced knitter but I’m worried. So I’m going to try and make a real effort to get it moving and I’m going to try and work on it every damn day.

Suddenly, I feel like my foot has been strapped down to the accelerator with a cement block and I am close to panicking but trying my best not to.

The thing is, there’s her nursery- or complete lack thereof. And I can’t go in there and DO anything because it’s a temporary closet until ours gets built and THAT is supposed to happen this weekend but you never know. I have a feeling it won’t happen this weekend but next. So I can’t get the furniture in there which means I can’t arrange it. I can’t paint. And the paint thing is also waiting on the bedding which is a drama of its own.

About two years ago, I fell head over heels in love with that bedding. I’d never seen anything like it and haven’t seen anything like it since then. Well the maker of the bedding discontinued it. And to make matters worse, the label, Sozo, is small and had drop-shipment arrangements with most of its vendors. So once it’s gone it’s gone. Some stores though showed they had it. I FINALLY found it and supposedly, it’s in stock except for the silk overlay on the skirt. They offered me a deal in that i’d get the pillow for free and they’d sell me the smaller set. As for the overlay, I supposedly found it at another site along with a nightlight. It’s been ordered too. I haven’t heard from them to verify it’s in stock and that they’re not just assuming it’s in stock and will notify me weeks later it’s out of stock.

Nesting, knitting, worrying, and aching. That seems to sum things up here.


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