The finished scarf is upstairs where my husband is sleeping so no photos of that today. However, I got inspired by a mini craft article in the new Parents magazine on pompom animals. So today when I went to Michael’s for yarn for the baby, I also snagged some giant bags of pom poms and pipe cleaners. I figured it might be a fun craft to do with my son. I totally forgot until tonight and then he had gone to bed. So I figured I’d try it out first and see if it was one of those looks easier than it is crafts. Well, I fell in love and even though I don’t think it’s a good one for him, I might adapt their idea for pom pom flowers. So I made a bunny, a chick, and a caterpillar. And then I decided to have fun with the colors and made ANOTHER bunny, chick, and caterpillar. I think these might find their way into some envelopes for Easter. I used to not care for Easter but now that I look it as a modern May Day sort of celebration I love it. Hooray spring!!
Also, quick note on Michael’s, I ALWAYS forget to check the clearance section of that store and I don’t know WHY, they always have some great finds. They had these adorable sets of notecards in there for super cheap. And some notebooks, magnetic notepads, notecards, and magnets featuring vintage cereal characters for a STEAL. As in, under a buck. I tore myself away from there fast because I didn’t want the eye roaming and picking up on good deals too much. 😉

So here are my little critters posing in front of the boxes of some candles I picked up at Bath and Body Works today. Can you tell I love bright colors? LOVE THEM.


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