Just wanted to make a note. Thursday night I had to go to the hospital because I was having some serious pain and they wanted to monitor me. No fun. Thankfully everything, of course, was fine AND the next day, I was pretty much forced by everyone to lie in bed and relax. My inlaws watched my son and I got to knit. I finished that chunky scarf which is actually going to be a birthday present for a friend. I really like it and will photograph it tomorrow I PROMISE. The colors remind me of her and she’ll be able to use it more than I can down here. So I finished that one and made some more work on that pink ribbed scarf. I think maybe I’ll have an easier time if I switch to plastic needles or wooden ones. I’m using aluminum ones now and am having stupid issues which are really slowing me down.

I also am determined to go and buy some yarn for the patchwork blanket for the baby. I have to say, I’m really scared about buying some expensive wool though. I’m just NOT that good of a knitter yet and I *think* I’d rather have a so-so blanket made of cheaper yarn than a so-so yarn made of $70 in yarn (I priced the recommended yarns online). Oh also, I’m allergic to washing things by hand. Well not PHYSICALLY allergic but definitely mentally so. And I’m not sure I want to be hand washing a BABY blanket because in my experience, my baby abuses its baby blanket. Decisions.


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