Just a list of things

I have so much crafty news to update with and although they really should have pictures attached, I’m just too beat up to take pictures right now so I’ll list them now and make a nicer update tomorrow when I’m a little more recovered than I am right now from an event I worked yesterday.

* Friday I got two new knitting books in the mail. This is quickly turning into an obsession for one big reason: Portability. I got Knitting For Baby by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas and I got World of Knitted Toys which isn’t right next to me so I can’t give the rest of the relevant information on it.

* The Ribbed For Her Pleasure scarf is coming along but very slowly. To make myself feel better, and to redeem the first ucky ucky ucky scarf I made, I picked up some Lion’s Brand Boucle yarn in this crazy varied color yarn that has reds and pinks in it as I am continuously inspired by Project Spectrum. THAT one is coming along a LOT faster and makes me smile.

* I got a beautiful package from Snowbear in the mail today– well yesterday. It’s one of her day of the dead atc’s and just made me drool everywhere. Or maybe it was the gum that did it.

* There are some online stores I am in love with for the simple reason that looking at them makes me smile: ReproDepot, JuicePlanning, and LittleOddForest. I’ll provide links tomorrow I PROMISE.

Anyways, my body is screaming at me as is the husband (something about my cell phone). I am going to make my way upstairs and take a hot shower. After that is anyone’s guess. Maybe I’ll work on one of the scarves.


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