As promised, I’m going to go ahead and throw lots of yummy pictures and links your way. These are my favorite posts to read on other blogs and so I’m returning the favor. Since my desk is sort of transient right now, and a crafting space nonexistent, I really use the internet as my inspiration and my blog and the blogs of others as a sort of inspiration board. So here we go.

First off, the knitting books.

Knitting For Baby
is truly gorgeous. More important to me is that it is highly motivational because it features really beautiful projects that shouldn’t be difficult. I’m going to enlist the help of my SIL and work on the patchwork baby blanket. I can do garter stitch squares! I’ll let you know how it turns out but it’s definitely at the top of my project list.

World of Knitted Toys
by Kath Dalmeny is really cute and fun-looking but kinda makes me nervous. My being a complete newbie knitter, the patterns make kinda glaze over and ask, “Huh?” The book claims the seal is the easiest toy to complete so that will be my first project from the book. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Speaking of knitting, let me update you on that whole um thing. Right now, I’m mostly in search of practice although now that I have found two projects I really want to do- the seal and blanket, I’m still sticking to practicing with the scarves. And if it’s a practice piece, it’s a Project Spectrum Piece. I initially had no plans other than the Stitch n Bitch Ribbed For Her Pleasure scarf for my practice piece. The thing is, I was getting so frustrated with it, I wanted to do something easier to lift my spirits a bit while I worked on it. So I grabbed some super bulky yarn and my gigantic needles and just started cranking out a simple simple garter stitch scarf. That one is ten times further along than the ribbed one but hey I’m trying not to give up.

My very first package of fun stuff to my new address came in over the weekend. Theresa at CraftyCorner sent me one of her really beautiful Departed Souls Trading Cards and CD. I love the idea of sending an ATC as a trading card with a sticker and a stick of gum. It’s so great. And cute little envelope for it too!! Everything about her package is so personal, it really was special getting it from her so thank you so much Theresa. Your little prince will make his way to you soon I promise!!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how much I love vinyl toys. It all started with my love of things Japanese and the vinyl toys out right now you can tell really derive from that influence. Anyways, my boss knows about my fixation and on one of our trips to New York I dragged him to Kidrobot. That store is just heavenly. It pops with colors and makes me drool a lot. Anyways, it’s become a habit that every time he goes to NY, he pops in and buys me one of their Dunnys. These are the last two he brought back for me. The yellow is from the limited edition Los Angeles series and the green is from the new 2 faced series. He has two faces but the one I photographed is my favorite.

Speaking of shopping, which I do quite often, I discovered some stores that also leave me salivating. The first two I actually found in an issue of Lucky magazine that I somehow missed before. The third I found thanks to Shim + Sons. If you have a chance and you love bright colors and bold graphics you’ll want to check out the following:

Juice Planning
has some REALLY cute stuff like bags and trays and stationery items. They’re all in that really bright Japanese heavy pattern style I adore.

Little Odd Forest
is similar but has a lot more to offer and for me, it’s ALL about their bags and tees. I’m not too crazy about their home stuff but I also haven’t looked at it too hard because I can’t stop drooling over their bags.

is one of those sites that makes me physically itch for a sewing machine and someone to teach me how to use the thing. It also makes me wish I had walls and walls of fabric like this at my disposal. I want to stretch some of their fabric over canvas and hang it on my walls and the others I want to make into soft blankets, or towels, or throws, or even skirts and dresses. Some of those would make GREAT purses too.

Also, just for fun. I have a Yoshitomo Nara calendar above my computer. Check out the March image. I love her.


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