Project Spectrum

So basically, I’m using Project Spectrum as a chance to learn knitting. After all, when you’re practicing who really cares what colors you’re using, just do SOMETHING- right? So I went and got some yarn (REALLY cheap- as in on clearance at Walmart for $1) and am working on the Ribbed For Her Pleasure Scarf from Stitch n Bitch. This damn thing has been a complete pain in my rear. I’ve started it over about five times. Mostly it’s been because the yarn is fuzzy and I’ve been practicing with very simple unfuzzy yarn thus far and since it’s a ribbed scarf, I couldn’t really SEE the stitches. But I made myself take a deep breath and start the fifth time and go slowly and carefully and patiently and it’s finally moving along. AND I had an A-HA moment when I could suddenly SEE the stitches. It was one of those “Oh THAT’S the difference in the purl and knit stitch. DUH” moments. Not that it’s been problem-free since then and smooth sailing but whatever, I’m hoping it will work out ok and so far it at least LOOKS ten times better than anything else I’ve done.

Meanwhile, all of my paper crafting supplies and things remain boxed in the garage and it’s really frustrating to me. Soon though, things will be empty enough to wade through there and at least dig out things as I need them.


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