Just a really quick update on my absence. We did indeed close on our house but it was later than we hoped and much more hectic and insane than expected. Is it always that way? Just curious.

Things have been really bumpy. We had a timeline and it just went to pieces. 90% of my home is in boxes. Honestly it’s probably even higher. My son is temporarily living in what will be the nursery. There’s no telling when I will have my crafting area set up. Our mattress is on the floor in the master bedroom because the boxspring doesn’t fit up the staircase. Today is the first time I’ve been online in over a week.

But I really shouldn’t complain because I made a scarf. My books came in right before everything went to hell and Stitch n Bitch had a scarf in it that was far easier than the scarf I found in the other book. So I churned it out and it’s cute but way beginner. I’ll share a photo soon I swear. I just need to do the ends and I have to find my yarn needle for that. I’m going to try the pattern for ribbed scarf stitch n bitch has and I’ll let you know how it goes but for right now I’m not too sure. I had an awful time the first time around and just undid the entire thing.

It’ll come to me. Practice makes perfect. Ok I have to shower and go to bed.

I miss my crafty space.


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