Hooray for Mail Day!!

Today is what we call a FABULOUS mail day. I got some ebay purchases in the mail including some stuff for cleansing the new house and the stuff you would be interested in.

FOUR ATC’s from the fabulous Artist Trading Cards Community.

AND the gorgeous Mayweed I bought from Abby at While She Naps who is actually not pink at all but a beautiful red and beige. I actually like her more that she’snot pink.

AND my three books from Overstock: Stitch n Bitch, The Knitting Experience, and Ready Set Crochet which I might gift to someone. We’ll see. It looks excellent but I’m preoccupied with the knitting thing.

Here is my gorgeous son modeling some of these fabulous goodies for you

Also a small note. It looks like the heavens have smiled on us at last and we will be closing Monday which means we will be moving Monday and Tuesday. I don’t know when the internet will be up there but believe me, I don’t part easily with it if at all so don’t expect a long absence because of lack of INTERNET just lack of TIME.


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