Well- it turns out I am quite the impulsive and impatient little person. On Saturday after spending a couple of hours at a baby shower I stopped in at the Rag Shop to take a look-see and decided what the heck let’s take a look at this knitting thing that’s just been driving me nutty lately. So I looked through the little books and stuff and found one called Learn to Knit in Just One Day which made me very happy indeed because the Learn to Crochet in Just One Day was highly recommended on Amazon. So I got it and looked through it and it looked very clear and sensible and I decided why not. I picked up a couple of balls of worsted weight yarn and some knitting needles in varying sizes and ended up having to stop at Michael’s because they didn’t have size 8 needles 10″ long as the book called for. Well by the end of Saturday I had learned how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, stockinette, and bind off. I was very, very, very happy indeed. Yesterday I learned how to increase, decrease, and do a ribbing stitch which was the hardest thing for me because this is the ONE thing the book faltered in. There’s a little trick in that you have to move the yarn to either the back or the front and the book failed to show exactly how to do that. After various frustrating trials and errors, I finally resorted to my friend the internet and VOILA! KnitHelp to the rescue!! I finally got the ribbing stitch done and I’ve learned enough to, I think, make the scarf the book has in it.

And it turns out that because I’ve taught myself this way I have actually learned more than my sister in law who it turns out can’t cast on or purl or pick up a dropped stitch. I have various little practice squares all around my house. It’s very amusing. Now the thing that makes me most happy about this is that we have begun to pack and this means that I really must pack up my workspace which made me very sad indeed. Lately, I’ve been feeling the groove I guess and even made some layouts for a scrapbook of a trip to Key West my husband and I made a year and a half ago. Plus I’ve had some ideas for ATC’s swimming through my head and of course there has been some absolutely stunning work posted on the Artist Trading Cards’ Journal and I’ve been left with nothing to offer. But now that I can space out with some knitting, I don’t feel too sad about packing up my workspace. It actually excites me because that workspace is usually such a messy area it’ll be nice to see it empty for a change. And the knitting stuff I can just shove into a bag and carry around with me. I really want to be able to knit my friend a baby blanket, my baby a blanket, and I’d LOVE to be able to knit something from this book for my son:

The reviews insist the patterns are not difficult but the fact is I’m still in that early beginner stage where patterns intimidate me. I really wanted to make the baby the sweater and bonnet set in the book but I got a little nervous and decided I’d get there when I’d get there. I’m pretty excited mostly to just have learned something new. You’ve got to keep that brain of yours fresh and there’s no better way than teaching yourself something you’ve wanted to learn for a while. I think it’d be nice to pick up some sort of new craft or hobby or whatever every few months. Well, the time has come to really get a move on this packing. I’ll try my best to keep you updated as the week goes by because you KNOW the computer will be the absolute last thing to be packed away. Wish me luck!! I leave you with a couple of my awful squares. The long one is the very first one I made and the smaller one is my most recent endeavor- ribbing.


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