My Little Prince

It hit me the other day that I had never made my son a Valentine’s Day card. This will be his third Valentine’s Day so I’m thinking I probably haven’t done any permanent damage. 😉 Anyways, I wanted to remedy the situation and knew right from the beginning the idea for my card.

My son and I like to sing together and lately one of our favorites is “You are my sunshine”. Corny, I know, but it works. It makes him smile and he sings along the best he can but mostly he asks me to sing it to him. This is the little card I made for him. I usually don’t draw things or paint things– I’m not very good with a pen and pencil and brush. But I practiced the sun a couple of times and got it down to how I wanted it and made it. Then I messed it up and had to make another one. Go figure! Anyways, inside I wrote some of the lyrics to the song. And now it’s happily tied to a Valentine’s lollipop.

As for other princes, the other day I shared an ATC based on The Little Prince. I simply adore this book. I always have. Do you remember the cartoon series? I do. I remember him putting out his net to catch a shooting star. But the book? The book hits me like a boulder every time. I have my favorite parts and quotes. I love the fascination with the difference between children and “the grown-ups”. I LOVE any part that he talks about his flower. I wonder how many people in relationships identify with that storyline? And of course, the ending. The Little Prince ATC I did was an homage to the entire book in a way. But I’ve been sitting on the idea of doing other cards motivated by The Little Prince and Snowbear drops in and leaves me a comment about my Little Prince card. So I’ve gone and made another one and I have another one I want to do for sure. Tonight’s is drying still but I’ll upload tomorrow. And I’ll hopefully get to the other one very soon.


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